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My name is Akshay, and I create!

Professionally, I'm an Experienced Industrial Designer specializing in Concept Generation, Design, and Development of products, as well as 3D Modelling and Visualization.

As a Designer, I've learned to keep an open mind to any and all ideas, while also constantly challenging ideas to ensure a bulletproof solution. I've worked with products including Phone/Laptop Cases, Footwear, Backpacks, Kitchen Appliances, Cosmetics, and so on.

My time at the studios I've worked at taught me invaluable skills and lessons about time management, client communication, and most importantly, loving the work and the people I work with.

Let's get in touch, and create something epic.

You can download my Design Resume and Portfolio here -



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Tel: +1 437-243-2240

Scarborough, Toronto - ON M1R 4E1

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